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Unit Features and Benefits

Our Self Storage Units

5'x10' Self Storage Units

Large Closet: This space typically holds what would fit in a large, walk-in closet.

10'x10' and 10'x12' Self Storage Units

Small Bedroom: This space typically holds furniture & boxes from a 1-bedroom apartment, and more.  $102-$109/month. Rates subject to change..

Self Storage Units

9'x15' and 10'x15' Self Storage Units

Large bedroom: This space typically holds furniture from a two-bedroom apartment with appliances, misc. items and cartons.  $119-$125/month.  Rates subject to change.

Self Storage Units

10'x20' Self Storage Units

Equal to a 1 car garage: This space will hold furniture from a two-bedroom home with appliances, miscellaneous items and cartons. Also may be used to store a car or truck and other small items. These units also have 9' wide doors.  $143/month. Rates subject to change.

10'x24' and 10'x27' Self Storage Units

Larger than a 1 car garage: These units are great for boats, cars, trucks, houshold & business items.They have a 9' wide door.  $160-$169/month. Rates subject to change.

10'x40' and 12'x40' Self Storage Units

Our largest units have a 10.5' wide by 14' high roll-up door and are capable of storing indoors your larger motor vehicles and keep them out of the snow, hail and rain. A perfect place to store RV's, campers, boats, or just a whole lot of extra stuff. This unit also has 16' high interior walls and can store an entire home.  $225-$275/month. Rates subject to change.

Self Storage Units
Self Storage Units